Petite and Sexy – Emma Watson – Swimsuit shopping!

Emma Watson is Hot!

This petite treat is well known for her role in the Harry Potter movie franchise as Hermione Granger. Emma has starred in a number of movies since then including The Circle as Mae , Regression as Angela Gray , Beauty and the Beast as Belle  .

Emma Watson


The 27 year old actress is definitely a petite treat! I came a cross a few images of Emma trying out a few swim suits. These images show exactly why I consider her a slim goodie indeed. Just the right amount of booty to go along with her petite frame and she wears it well.

Emma has a very mystic look about her which is beautiful indeed. I am a fan of petite women, but a bigger fan of petite builds that have a little extra meat in the right areas. I feel Emma has more ass than most girls her size and that is a GOOD thing indeed. The extra booty makes for a more unique shape and way more sexy in my opinion.

emma watson model shot

Swimsuit Shopping with Emma Watson

emma watson black one-piece emma watson white one-piece emma watson white bikini

emma watson red bikini

emma watson pink bikini

emma watson white bikini front

emma watson black one piece 2

That just about wraps it up for the swimwear images of Emma Watson. Thanks for viewing and please return to I Blog The

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