BAYWATCH the Movie 2017 – 3 MAIN reasons to watch!

There are 3 REAL reasons to check out the BAYWATCH 2017 movie!



The movie Baywatch was a remake of the original TV series. Some loved it and some hated it, but at the end of the day…it was WELL worth the watch! Why? you may ask…well let me show and tell!

     I just so happened to decide and order the movie on Google Play and after a good two watches I decided there was a need to make this post. to keep it REAL I will say that the movie has a little bit of everything. There is action, adventure, comedy, and the main thing that matters to me…HOT CHICKS! Oh yes, I mean HOT…like hot as hell type shit! So read on to understand why I say there are 3 MAIN reasons to watch this movie!

Release dateMay 25, 2017 (USA)
Based onBaywatch; by Michael Berk; Douglas Schwartz; Gregory J. Bonann
Initial DVD releaseAugust 29, 2017 (USA)
Box office177.4 million USD

First of all lets take a look at the trailer to get a hint at the 3 Reasons WHY you should give this movie a go!


So now that you have watched a quick trailer…let’s go ahead and run through the reasons why I feel one should give this movie a go!

3 – Alexandra Daddario

Upon first glance of this sexy brunette you get the feeling that she is someone that you wish you knew and could get close to. She plays the character Summer Quinn, yes she brings out the sunshine in summer. Alexandra is a model and actress with looks to go along with her keen acting skills.

BornMarch 16, 1986 (age 31), Manhattan, New York City, NY
Height5′ 8″
Full nameAlexandra Anna Daddario
Some of here roles include…

But on a more visual note…lets take a look at this stunning actress/model to see why she is one of the 3 MAIN reasons to watch the movie.

alexandra daddaria red swimsuit

Alexandra portrait
Alexandra has such beautiful blue eyes!


Alexandra baywatch swimsuit
Definitely sexy and toned very well!


Alexandra blue suit thigh gap
That thigh gap is always welcome!


Alexandra lifeguard suit
A rear view that is pleasing to the eye.


2 – Ilfenesh Hadera

This woman has a very exotic look and a magnificent body to go along with it. I had not seen this beauty before and really marveled at her looks and figure. Lets look at a little bit of info on Ilfenesh Hadera.

BornDecember 1, 1985 (age 31), New York City, NY
Height5′ 11″
Ilfenesh does not have a long list of movie roles but here are the ones she is known for…

She also has some current work going on for TV which includes…

Now let’s take a look at this gorgeous woman and see why she is among the MAIN 3 reasons to watch Baywatch the Movie 2017.

Ilfenesh lawn chair beach

Ilfenesh Baywatch movie

ilfenesh baywatch movie back side view
Such a nice supple ass cheek right there!
ilfenesh baywatch swimsuit 4
Such a wonderful front view!
Ilfenesh baywatch swimsuit 5
Another nice back-side view of that supple booty! Yeah baby!
Ilfenesh street clothes jean shorts
A nice unique look even in street clothes!


1 – Kelly Rohrbach

Kelly is the number 1 MAIN reason to watch Baywatch the movie in my humble opinion. This hottie right here has all the star qualities of pure celebrity BEAUTY! Her shape is classic swimsuit model mixed with a hint of modern drop dead gorgeous. Kelly is an American model and actress known for her appearances in Swimsuit Illustrated and the Baywatch movie.

BornJanuary 21, 1990 (age 27), Greenwich, CT
Height5′ 9″
Kelly went to Georgetown University where she was recruited to play Division One Women’s Golf. Boy did she look good on the green!

Kelly Rohrbach making the drive!


Since golf is not the topic here, let’s move on into some of the hot moments in which Kelly lit up the movie Baywatch.

Kelly Rohrbach baywatch swimsuit back view 1
Such a wonderful rear view!
Kelly Rohrbach baywatch swimsuit front view
Thigh gap all day long! Such eye candy indeed!
Kelly Rohrbach baywatch swimsuit 3
Kelly has a classic swimsuit model ass that is on point!
Kelly Rohrbach baywatch swimsuit 6
Kelly has a front profile that features wonderful hips and a sweet treat between. 🙂


Kelly Rohrbach lifeguard suit 1
So perfect!
Kelly Rohrbach baywatch blue suit
Wonderful cheeks!



Kelly Rohrbach not only looked good in the movie Baywatch but she set it off for Sports Illustrated. Let’s take a look at a few shots from her photo shoot with S.I.

Kelly Rohrbach SI photo shoot 1
What a spread! This woman is hot as hell!
Kelly Rohrbach S.I. photo shoot 2
Kelly has the body of a goddess. Perfect 10 indeed.
Kelly Rohrbach S.I. photo shoot 5
This shot of Kelly is one of my favorites. Hips that make you lust for a piece of this beauty!


Kelly also models! I am sure you can see why! What can’t this girl do with all that beauty and body!

Kelly Rohrbach model shot pink swimsuit
What a nice shave Kelly has in this photo! Mouth watering!
Kelly Rohrbach bed photo
To be one of those pillows would be bliss!

The Conclusion…

Now after all this eye candy I presented one should understand my point in saying that Baywatch is worth a watch. 3 REAL reasons to check out the movie presented by I blog the Real! If you enjoyed the post, make sure to share! If you found yourself favoring one of these lovely ladies make sure to follow their social media pages linked below! Thank you for viewing and hopefully you enjoy the show, if you have not already seen it. This wraps it up for me, until next time…Peace!